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Kitchen fail November 8, 2011

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Well, at least you can’t say that I don’t use my garlic press.  And I definitely put my muscles into it.  This is the second garlic press that I’ve broken in the last two years. The first one was a less drastic sort of break, I bent the two handles together until they would touch without actually squeezing any garlic at all.

Today’s break was wild.  The handle was a solid metal piece through to the head of the press, and it literally snapped off of the appliance.  I really liked this one too, it had little teeth on the flip side of the press that you could use to get all the garlic pulp out of the inside.

Does anyone have an amazing garlic press recommendation?  It’s two months until Christmas and I’m thinking I need to add this to my list (again).

I whipped up a little chickpea soup this evening that I was planning to write about, but it turned out more like chickpea broth. To save it, I boiled a sweet potato, a little white potato, added a lot of red pepper, and threw it in the vitamix blender with the broth.  It ended up nicely creamy and spicy as all get out!  I think that it will be a fine lunch for the new few days, but trust me, it wasn’t worth repeating.


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