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New Year/New Plan January 27, 2013

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Last year went by in a flash!  Dan took a contract job in New York city from February through December.  Eleven months of super commuting between Louisville and NYC took a lot of extra time and energy from both of us.  As a result, I don’t plan to enter an airport again until 2014.  I am planning an exciting year in the kitchen.  This year I’m going to divide the months up and focus on different cuisines.  

I’m thinking:

  • January – Indian
  • February – Mexican
  • March – Thai
  • April – Ethiopian
  • May – Greek
  • June – Chinese

So far I’ve gone to two Indian grocery stores in the Louisville area.  Subzimandi and Patel Brothers.  They were both full of new and different foods for me to explore.  I had made a list of ingredients that I needed, and spent $40 total.  I later split the bulk spices and lentils with my mom and sister.  We are all experimenting with Pigeon Peas, Black lentils, Chana Dal, Rasam Powder, Black Cardamom, Asafetida, and Tamarind.  

Another development in my kitchen is the addition of a slow cooker (thanks Uncle Bill!).  I’ve tried three soups in the slow cooker thus far.

Rasam – Which ended up way too hot.  Will definitely use less Rasam Powder next time.

Five Lentil Stew – This one was a little on the bland side.  I think I compensated too much for the spiciness of the first soup.

Chana and Split Dal – My favorite so far, but we did notice it was a little bland the first time and then quite spicy when I reheated the leftovers.  Not sure what caused the difference, but we’ll definitely try this one again soon.

It’s going to be a fun year full of new dishes to explore and share.  I think trying recipes from different cuisines will require me to pay a little more attention to the instructions.   Wish me luck!