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Spring organization – step one March 8, 2011

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Last weekend, I decided to organize our pantry.  After living here for 18 months, it seemed about time to come up with a plan for these odd tall shelves.  I measured them and discovered that we have six shelves that are 12 inches tall, 36 inches across and 16 inches deep.  The lowest of these shelves are about 3 foot off the ground, which means that the highest shelves are pretty much unreachable.

I decided to focus on the lowest two shelves for this round of organizing.  First I took inventory of what I kept on these shelves.  Then I decided how I could group the items.  The upper shelf had three main categories of things on it: rags (like cloth rags or swiffer pads), bags (like freezer bags or trash bags), and rolls (like tin foil or cling wrap).   The lower shelf divided up into kitchen towels, tea and canned goods.

Next I measured the shelves so I would know what size of bins would fit on these shelves.  I found some plastic bins that are deep enough to fit all of my second shelf items in them.  Then I found some nice 12 inch square bins for the teas and towels on the lower shelf.

I am very happy with out this turned out.  It looks neater and it is much, much easier to tip the upper tubs out and down and grab what I want.  Before I couldn’t get out a new trash bag without somehow upsetting everything and getting hit in the head with the tin foil.   I think that measuring the space and coming up with a plan first was key in finding a solution!



Closet Confession November 24, 2010

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I love organized closets.  It’s odd, since organized closets are not exactly a priority in my family.  I barely remember keeping anything in mine as a child.  I preferred to play in my closet and pretend it was a boat or a wagon or a tiny house.  In all honesty, I was a very messy little girl who rarely put anything away.

And yet, somehow I have grown in to the kind of person that likes an orderly closet.  I admit that I even sort things by style, color and type of clothing.  I’ve gone so far as to help other people organize their closets.  It makes me happy.

So when I was given a gift card to target, I decided to splurge on wooden hangers.  I bought a 24 pack for a mere $14.  With my tiny little armoire (our apartment has only one closet) 24 hangers are more than enough.  I knew before I started that it would look nice when I was done – but I was shocked by how pretty the finished product is.

It is perhaps the cheapest and simplest organizational shift I’ve made this year and, dang, it looks good.


Perilous combinations November 18, 2010

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If you’ve been wondering how I am managing to take all of these pictures of food, while simultaneously cooking the food, please know that you aren’t the only one contemplating this combination of hobbies.  It has been a bit hilarious around here as I get used to the camera in my kitchen.

All the little scraps of time in between steps when I used to kind of tidy up a bit have been usurped by my desire to grab a quick picture before I plow on ahead.  Which means, by the time I’m done cooking, the kitchen is an absolute disaster.  Not to mention that I am afraid that the steam and/or the smoke from the kitchen might harm my camera.

I did get a book from the library this week titled “Food Styling: The Art of Preparing Food for the Camera”.  Here’s hoping that the library yet again equips me to solve my problems.