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Road Trip – Cincinnati, OH November 15, 2010

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An afternoon peek at the moon through the first professional telescope in the US

We had such a wonderful time in Cincinnati this past weekend.  We stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast, ate great italian food, relaxed at a perfect coffee shop and found a Bruegger’s.  If you’ve never had a Bruegger’s bagel, put it on your list of things to experience.  They are Dan’s very favorite.  We not only had lunch there, we also got a half dozen to bring home – and since it was it was nearly closing time she threw in a few extras for us!  I sliced and froze half of them for next week.

We made it to both the Art Museum and the Observatory on this trip.  Both venues appreciate donations, so neither has a set entry cost.  We had an amazing history tour at the Observatory, which is known as the birthplace of American astronomy.  The tour lasted for 3 entertaining and informative hours!

Dan even talked the guide into letting us all gaze at the moon through a telescope that was built in 1842.  It was hard to pick out the moon with all of the bright light, but what I was able to see was amazing.  I could see the portion of the moon that is not visible to the naked eye during the current quarter moon cycle.  Instead of having a harsh edge, the part that is normally concealed was gradient and smooth, and I could see the entire sphere.

Dan’s parents gave us the gift certificate for the bed and breakfast and the information about the Observatory too – I can’t wait to tell them what fun we had.